5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Mindset

To me M I N D S E T is the one thing that sets people apart from each other. It helps us set and crush our goals, plays a vital part in our well being day to day, impacts on those around us and will ultimately determine our “success” in this life. Always a work in progress for me, but wanted to share some things that help me stay in the right mindset most of the time!!

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Mindset:

  • COMMIT to working on it regularly – for me being aware of my feelings and identifying negative thoughts/events as soon as possible is key. Shit things happen sometimes, how we respond to those shit things is super important.
  • FIX your environment – I am huge on the circle of 5 concept – the people you spend the most time with are a reflection of you. These people will pick you up when you’re down and support you through anything, motivate and inspire you, make you feel great about yourself and just be good for your soul. I have never felt richer than I do right now in this aspect of my life.
  • GROW – having more of a growth mindset was a bit of a challenge for me at first. Before changing careers, there was an element of me that didn’t want to learn anything else, felt I knew everything and couldn’t wait to “settle down.” I’m so grateful that I had some great mentors come into my life to stretch me out of the comfort zone I was starting to settle into. I was definitely restless back then, but not sure why.
  • Take RISKS – do some stuff that scares you!! I often reflect on stuff at times and think what would people NOT expect me to do, then go ahead and do that. Probably at a point in my life now where people that know me do expect more random actions from me and I LOVE that
  • Stay REAL – I’m not always in a good mood, life causes stress at times, some things really piss me off, all that fun stuff happens to us all. As I mentioned earlier, if we commit to work on our mindset, we find lots of ways to respond positively to negative events. Sometimes we need to have a difficult conversation, need to allow ourselves to express some anger and frustration, hit rock bottom with something to learn and grow.

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