Another year almost over!!! How are you going against your 2019 plan/goals? Did you have any goals or a plan to begin with?

This week I wanted to throw some tips out there on hitting your goals/sticking to the plan. 👌🏻

Some visualisation helps both at the start of the journey, and along the way too. What I mean by that is you want to get yourself into the mindset that mirrors living your life after you have hit the goal. Success comes through consistent application, consistent application is easier to maintain through building good habits, good habits come about from finding routines that work for you, the will to CHANGE your routine comes from adjusting your mindset.

Say your goal is to lose some weight, get in and focus on how that will make you feel, as soon as you shift even half a kg, you know you are on your way and are already living a better life. Hold onto that feeling!!

Goals/plans work best when you WRITE THEM DOWN – accountability starts with being clear on what your goal/plan is.
Want to lose some weight?? Most people can comfortably drop around 0.5kg per week/2kg per month – therefore dropping 5kg in 3 months is a reasonable goal. What daily actions are you going to take to hit your weekly target?

Set time aside for periodic REVIEWS – daily/weekly/monthly – track your progress, be honest with yourself, do you need to change anything? What’s working? What’s not?

Using the weight loss example above, weigh yourself in at the same time each week/every 2 weeks and review your progress

Get HELP – as a rule most of us are either way too hard on ourselves or sometimes not hard enough – I LOVE having a circle of people around me that make me want to be a better person, I know I can count on them to hold me accountable – sometimes it’s a push along, sometimes it’s a reminder to not be too tough on myself.

For our weight loss example, what support do you need? Do you need a personal trainer to push you through an exercise session? Do you need help with nutrition? Who can you tell about your goals too keep you on track?

Make 2018 your best year yet!!! There is still HEAPS of time!! Put some basic processes in to help you chase your goals and keep you accountable – make them more then just dreams and get after them!!!

Ems tips for accountability-
-Plan your day.
Plan to achieve your goals. Creating structure for what you need to do every day doesn’t just help things run smoothly it also keeps you self-accountable, proving to yourself that you can achieve anything.
Bad habits will often recycle themselves until they are broken. Each time you try and fail, evaluate what you learned, how you can improve your efforts and start again.

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