Another GAME CHANGER!! I can’t say enough how much practising daily gratitude helps your mindset.

S T O P here and think about 3 things you are grateful for. Write them down. This could be anything from the weather, that awesome cup of coffee, being in a great relationship, the buzz from your morning exercise, whatever!!

How do you F E E L now?? Irrespective of how you felt at the start of this post, do you feel better after thinking about these 3 things?

Practising gratitude daily I have found has been huge in getting me to snap out of those moments when I get consumed in my first world problems. I have found it a great in changing my focus from the negative to positive.

My TOP TIPS for adding gratitude to your day:

  • Keep a gratitude log – set aside time at a point each day to write down one, two or three things you are grateful for – it can span across anything, some days it might be deeper stuff, some days it could be super simple (I often write this stuff in my appointment book as that goes everywhere with me)
  • Thank people often and make it specific, if someone does something to help you, tell them what it meant to you, I challenge you to not have that hit you just as hard in the good feels as it hits them
  • 60 second rule/walk away/pause – when something pisses you off, try one of these techniques – I have tried to understand more and more where the other person is coming from/their intention if something gets to me and it generally works if I take a bit of time to reflect. I don’t believe that people deliberately do wrong by others for the most part – with people where I feel the opposite is true and there is some intent, I either have the difficult conversation of cut them out of my circle, no bad vibes needed in the land of Coldog!!

After about 8 weeks of having a structured approach to my daily gratitude practice, it started to become second nature and I don’t write down things I grateful for anymore as my mind tends to default to that position consistently. If you are looking for a calmer and more positive outlook on life and don’t already practise gratitude daily, give it a go!!

Coach Em’s tips for adding gratitude to your day-
-Don’t be picky!

Being grateful for something doesn’t have to be saved for the ‘big’ things. Recognising that there is nothing too small to be grateful for is an important step when practicing gratitude.
-Find gratitude in your challenges.
Sometimes thinking about negative or difficult situations can help you really nail down what you must be thankful for. Dig a little deeper into some of your own past experiences and figure out how they have helped to shape you into the person that you are today.

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