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This week I wanted to cover off some top level stuff on inflammation:

  • WHAT is it?
  • WHY do we want to manage it?
  • HOW to manage it?

Plus my personal tips and experience with managing it.

W H A T – according to the Colin’s dictionary (see what I did there haha) – it is a physical condition where the body becomes either reddened, swollen, hot and often painful. So not a good thing right?

Well, not always, weight training, injuries and infection will cause an inflammatory response in the body, which is part of the recovery process. Think about how your skin looks around any cuts, or what happens when you bump your leg and bruise it – that’s short term inflammation.

W H Y do we want to manage it? Chronic inflammation (as opposed to “short term” described above) is not a good thing, it is linked to obesity, fat gain, accelerated aging, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, cancer, and stomach problems, not to mention the consistent pain. All sound like good enough reasons to manage it to me!!

H O W – some tips to manage and reduce chronic inflammation:

G E T R I D of trans fats from your diet!! These are one of the absolute worst things you can put in your body – cause of cardiovascular inflammation and cholesterol – ain’t nobody got time for that shit!! Highly processed foods are the main culprit here, check the label of your food before you buy it, or better yet, limit the amount of food that needs a label, fresh whole foods are best!

G E T M O R E good fats!! Balancing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids is important to minimising chronic inflammation. Personally I find a quality supplement* works well for this, increasing seafood consumption helps too

M A G N E S I U M & Z I N C – consider supplementation* here, zinc minimises the bodies inflammatory processes and adequate levels of magnesium are linked to cardiovascular health and lower levels of oxidative stress (contributes to heart disease and aging). I take both half an hour before bed, magnesium can often help with your sleep too.

B E R R I E S – red, blue and purple berries are high in antioxidants, which abolish free radicals and inhibit the production of enzymes that cause irritation and pain in conditions such as arthritis and gout. Plus they are delicious!!

R E S I S T A N C E T R A I N I N G – improve your cardiovascular health, can decrease risk of diabetes and can lower oxidative inflammation markers.

Thanks to the Poliquin group for some of the background info for this post , pic here from the course I did with these guys in 2017 and the super knowledgeable Coach Cato

* always seek advice from your qualified health professional on supplement use

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