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Personal Training

Tailor packages to suit your goals — up to 3 sessions per week. Customise a package with us today!! 2 or more PT sessions per week gives you free access to our weekly boxing class!

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Personal training packages in GSD Performance

Group Class Access

7 Day Free Trial

Get a taste of our classes and what we're about. Free 7 day class pass!

GSD For The Rest of 2020

Come to as many of our group classes as you like until the end of 2020 for $99! Improve your movement, look better and feel better with #thebestworkoutinthehills

Includes initial consultation and goal setting; lifestyle and nutritional guidance to optimise your experience; follow up meeting with one of our expert coaches to assist in your progress.

Learn to Lift 2020 Special

Access to our specialty Deadlift & Bench Press classes with Strength Coach Luke for the rest of 2020 for only $49. Join Luke as he guides you through the fundamentals of these lifts, giving you confidence to move more weight safely.

GSD Starter Membership

Up to 12 visits to our group classes across 4 weeks. Averaging 3 classes per week is a great way to ensure consistency of your results. A great place to start your journey with us — particularly if you are new to exercise or returning to it.

Start feeling better, moving well & looking good with our group training programs — includes initial consultation & goal setting session.

GSD All the Damn Time

Our unlimited training option, come to as many sessions as you like.

Start feeling better, moving well and looking good with us!

Includes your initial consultation, meal plan and monthly check ins with your allocated coach.

GSD Extras

One personal training session and 2 included group classes per week. The best of both worlds!!

Includes your initial consultation, meal plan and monthly check ins with your allocated coach.

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