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FBB Foundations

We all want to look good, these functional body building classes combine this outcome with moving well. Functional Body Building (FBB) will slow you down, help you control your movement better, work your body more efficiently, and help you build your engine, rather than just burning you out. Start with the foundations of these movements and build a body that you are not only proud of, but one that serves you well in every day life. Progressions within the programming allow more individualisation to fit your needs with all the positive benefits that come with training in a group environment.

Engine Building

Combining classic strongman movements with a range of challenges thrown in, building resilience and strength that will transfer effectively to your day to day life.

Party Pump

Lots of accessory work on Fridays, arms, glutes, shoulders, core - let's get you pumped and flying into your weekend.


Get Lots of Sh#t Done in our Sunday class: EMOMs, AMRAPs, boxing and a few other surprises from your coach of the day combined with an extended mobility session to finish the class will have all the endorphins flowing to set your Sunday up.

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