Colin Barnes

Colin Barnes
Head Coach

Colin Barnes


Growing up, I was the skinny kid, happy to just fit in, and not stand out at anything. Played lots of sports at an average level, never really wanted the ball to come to me in case I stuffed up, and used to hate any form of attention in a group situation.

Fast forward a few years, one of my favourite places to be is out in front of a large group of clients, teaching them how to move better and motivating them to push themselves.

I started training in gyms in my mid teens, determined to make myself stronger, and put some muscle on to my skinny frame. My passion for health and fitness has evolved over the years, as I realised more and more that fitness is not just about what you do in the gym.

After a bit of a mental and physical breakdown in my late twenties from pushing too hard to get ahead in my corporate career, I realised I needed to get balance back in my life. This was a pivotal point for me, I prioritised my well being, constantly working on my mindset and how I reacted to stress, kept physically active consistently and focused on fuelling my body better. From that point forward my peers would constantly comment on my relaxed nature at all times. I also worked much harder on developing people around me, not trying to do everything myself, but focus more on giving back.

In 2016, I took my passion a step further and did my fitness qualifications on line, just for interests sake. A pivotal seminar, and a part time coaching opportunity at my gym at the time (I was helping them with some business/finance/admin stuff on the side) and the rest is history.

Since that date, I have taken everything in, drawing on experiences in my 20 year corporate career through my coaching to relate to clients and come up with strategies to improve their lives. We start with mindset, understand where you’re at and what steps we can take to get you on the path to your goals, we work on improving your movement, teach you some new skills and ensure you enjoy your training, we also educate you on how to nourish your body with nutrition and recovery.

I got into this with a goal of helping people however I could, and look forward to helping you GSD!!