About Us

GSD Performance - Colin Barnes

Our Story

GSD Performance was established in 2019 as a boutique small group class and personal training facility to challenge the status quo in the fitness industry. We work on every aspect of “fitness” – mindset, movement and nourishment to enhance your ability to Get Sh#t Done and live your best life.

We live our best lives when we Get Shit Done. We’re here to support the development of a strong mindset, moving your body well, and nourishment of that body and mind. We are a boutique gym making a big impact on the lives of our people.

No matter where you are on your journey, coaches and clients alike will inspire your progress. Our coaches educate you across our 3 pillars of fitness. Our clients push each other to better themselves and have a great time doing it. We rise the tides as one.

Our Values

Our coaches lead by example. We never ask our clients to do something we are not prepared to do ourselves.

We show empathy to each other, as coaches or clients. We have the opportunity to make everyone’s experience inside our 4 walls the best part of their day. This is a rare privilege we don’t take for granted. We enjoy what we do and we spread that energy to those around us – we embrace the struggles in our workouts as we know they help build the resilience to face them in other aspects of our life. We “sweep the sheds” – leaving the gym in as good a state as we find it every time.

Effort over everything. Our best effort each day is all we ask of our people. We are focussed on the process, that with consistency brings the outcome.

When it comes to our 3 pillars, movement, mindset and nourishment – we retain a state of awareness. We don’t strive for perfection, we establish a balance that optimises our outcome.

We celebrate our wins, we celebrate the opportunity to move our bodies well, we celebrate the opportunities to eat good food, we celebrate our opportunities to learn and growth with each other.

Our Coaches

Colin Barnes
Head Coach

Colin Barnes

I draw on experiences in my 20 year corporate career through my coaching to relate to clients and come up with strategies to improve their lives.

Caren Reynolds

Caren Reynolds

Reach out to myself or one of the amazing GSD coaches today and let us help you put you back on the right path to discovering and smashing your goals and leading by example!