We all need it – Why? Where should we get our protein from? How much is enough?

πŸ₯© Why?
Having protein with each meal will have you feeling fuller for longer – amino acids in protein triggers the release of gut hormones that reduce appetite.

Preservation of muscle mass – increases muscle protein synthesis and suppresses muscle breakdown resulting in more lean tissue.

Higher thermic effect – you burn more calories digesting protein foods than from carbs or fats.

Healthier blood pressure, stronger bones and better blood sugar management are among the other benefits.

🍳 Where should we get our protein from?

As wide a source as possible – different protein sources contain a whole range of other micronutrients that assist in our overall wellbeing – consuming tonnes of chicken each day isn’t the answer!! Animal meats, eggs and plenty of sources outside of that, eg cottage cheese, nuts, beans etc

Like all foods – minimising intake of overly processed proteins is key!

πŸ— How much is enough?

Between 1.5 and 2g per kg of body weight per day is a good place to start – you want to be at the upper end or higher if you’re exercising regularly.

You want to spread your protein intake out through the day – I always look to have protein with each meal or snack throughout the day – this enhances protein synthesis.

Lost with your macros? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you!!

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